Geni is gonna be big!

April 9, 2007

Very viral… You give emails of your relatives with the hope that they’ll fill out the graph and extend your family tree. And very useful also. When 2 edges meet, it grows up to something big, you find out family members that you never knew. This is a great idea and I bet for it!


Works well in queries with semantic tone, not in all queries though. And unlike others, when it fails, it fails very bad! I bookmark it and will definitely check out. It’s exciting to have a Google alternative around.

Moving To Amsterdam

July 1, 2006

I’m moving to Amsterdam this month; I’ll be very busy; I’ll attend some web 2.0 conferences and look for new job oppurtunities; I may keep you updated while I’m there; but my internet access may be limited (in the cheap hostels of Amsterdam)

Wetpaint $5.5M Funding?

June 20, 2006

Techcrunch says that Wetpaint got $5.5M funding. And adds that competitors like Wikia and Jotspot made similar deals with VC’s.. I simply can’t believe… VC’s have too much money to spread out. You have tens of open source wikis around; and they are very high quality. How come you fund a wiki service so much!

Riya 2.0

June 16, 2006

Go Riya… Riya is coming up with much more new features. They’ll start crawling the web for more pictures; the objective is to become no 1 photo search company. They have a Mac client also…